38 Best Compliments For Girls – The only list you’ll need!

Why does every guy need to know good compliments for girls?

Because… want to know how to get a girlfriend? It all starts with a compliment.

Flattering someone is an easy, straightforward way to show someone that you’re interested in them romantically, and it makes them feel nice too. Now that’s a win-win situation.

Of course, not all compliments are the same. If you want to find your way into her heart (or at least make her crack a smile), you have to use the absolute best compliments for a girl. You also need to know how to compliment a girl properly.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, this ultra-handy list of compliments for women covers all of that and more. Use these compliments for girls to make your crush swoon.

Let’s begin.

I recommend reading through all of these 38 compliments for girls to find your absolute favorites… but if you’re looking for something specific, you can click the links below to jump to that section:
1. I Always Learn So Much From You.
This is a great compliment because it shows that you value her beyond skin-deep.

2. You’ve Got Such Nice Eyes/Lips/Teeth/Hair.
Sometimes a specific, superficial compliment is an effective way to let her know you think she’s beautiful without saying so outright.

3. You’re Hilarious!
This is the perfect compliment to use naturally when you’re joking around. It’s subtle but it works.

4. You’re Not Like Everyone Else.
Make her feel special.

5. You’re Sexy.
Only use this one when the mood is right.

6. You’re Good At What You Do.
Simple and to the point. You respect her talents.

7. You Look Great Today.
This compliment is great for adding a subtle flirtatiousness to casual conversation.

8. You Have Such A Positive Charisma.
Let her know that she makes you happy.

9. I Like Your Style.
This can refer to her general demeanor or her stylistic choices.

10. Your Hair Looks Amazing.
Women love when you notice a good hair day.

11. There’s Something About You.
This line is mysterious. Just make sure you have a follow-up if she demands to know what it is.

12. How Did I Get So Lucky!? (To Have You In My Life)
This one is a fun way to let the special person in your life know that she’s appreciated.

13. Nobody Makes Me Happier Than You.
This one might feel light, but it’s one of the best compliments for girls as it carries tremendous depth.

14. You Always Make Me Feel So Comfortable.
When you feel comfortable, it naturally makes her feel comfortable too.

15. I Can See So Much Warmth In Your Eyes.
This is a deep compliment that can really mean a lot to her.

16. You Have Such Good Taste.
A person’s taste says a lot about them. This is a fantastic way to let her know you really like her without saying those words.

17. You Are So Smart.
Complimenting equal parts brain, beauty, and personality is the key to winning her heart.

18. I Love Your Smile.
Don’t be surprised when you start to see it more and more.

19. You Are My Everything.
Make sure you only use this compliment when you truly mean it, with someone very special.

20. I Could Listen To You For Hours.
Use this compliment after she’s been talking for a while.

21. You Look Prettier Than A Picture.
This is a classic, timeless compliment that’s simple, romantic, and charming.

22. I Think You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are.
Use this great compliment if she’s feeling insecure.

23. You Take My Breath Away.
Deliver this compliment after you’ve established romantic feelings for each other.
24. Aren’t You The Sweetest!?
This compliment is the perfect follow-up when she does something nice for you — even if it’s something small.

25. You Light Up Any Room That You Walk Into.
This compliment works in two ways: It makes her feel good about herself, and it shows her that she means a lot to you.

26. How Do You Look So Beautiful All The Time?
When you’re too scared to tell her she’s beautiful directly, let this one fly. It gets your point across without being too forward.

27. You Make Me Feel So Lucky When I’m Around You.
Girls want to feel genuinely valued. Let her know that you appreciate the time you spend together.

28. You Always Know How To Surprise Me.
Nobody wants to feel like they’re boring. Reassure her that she keeps you on your toes.

29. You’re The Reason My Life Feels So Perfect.
This is a great compliment because it makes her feel amazing, and it also indirectly lets her know that your life is going well. Women are attracted to guys on an upward trajectory.

30. Spending Time With You Is The Highlight Of My Day.
Use this compliment on someone you say occasionally who you’d like to spend more time with.

31. You Are Such A Good Dancer.
Make sure she’s dancing when you use this one.

32. You Understand Me So Well, It’s Like You Can Read My Mind.
It’s important that you form a mental and physical connection. Show her that you feel that brain bond.

33. I Wish I Could Have Met You Years Ago.
This compliment shows her how much she really means to you.

34. I Haven’t Met A Person Who’s As Nice And Caring As You.
Use this compliment after she’s done something sweet.

35. Your Eyes Are So Expressive And Beautiful I Can’t Help But Get Lost In Them.
The eyes are a window to a person’s soul. Compliment her eyes, and you compliment her everything.

36. You Make Me Want To Be A Better Man Just So I Can Be More Worthy Of Your Love.
Many women are on the hunt for a guy who is willing and able to better himself. Life is an ongoing journey, and it’s important to continue evolving as a man.

37. I Think God Was High When He Created You Because There’s No One Else Who Comes So Close To Perfection.
Use this one when you want to flatter her but also make her laugh.

38. I Start My Day With You On My Mind And End My Day With You In My Dreams.
Use this compliment on someone close to you, not your cute new co-worker.

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